But I have a day job

It is all fine and well to talk about wanting change in our lives, and keeping our eyes on the prize when we hit the rough patches if we do decide to make a change. We all know that nothing is really that easy. Without a great support team behind us, it often doesn’t take long until we’ve given up. As important to our success as support, is commitment.

Maintaining our commitment to change, especially when it comes to changing job positions or careers, can be incredibly difficult. Bills still need to be paid, mouths need to be fed, bodies need to be clothed. Family and other engagements continue to take up much of our time. So just how are these changes supposed to be made?

Over the next few blog posts I’m going to talk about goal setting. To start, it doesn’t matter what goals you set yourself, you need to be committed to achieving them. Yes, there will be times when goals are not met and frustration sets in, but then you need to re-commit yourself to them.

In every coaching session, we ask our clients what action steps towards their goal they will commit to that week. Then we ask you how committed you are to those steps. How can you keep from getting overwhelmed with striving to make major changes when you have so many other responsibilities?

You make sure your goals are ecological.

Next week we’ll talk about what that means.

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