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We’ve been pursuing our writing goals, our writing dreams, for three months now, and it’s time for a check-in. What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of January? How close are you to achieving them? What is working for you? What are you struggling with?

Until now, we’ve been looking at things we need to do, to change, goals we need to set, to have success as writers. Next week, we’re going to shift focus to being more actively productive as writers. There will still be some of that internal stuff, because most often it is that internal stuff that keeps us from being productive, but it won’t be our main focus.

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I’m going to have some more exciting news for you in the next few weeks. I can let you know that some of it involves the workshops I offer, making them accessible to all, and easy to use any time.

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And now I’m going to comment on my own Check-in!

I set the goal of having my novel edited by the end of March. I am very close to having the second draft done. I need to work hard the next few days to get there, but I think I’ll make it. If not by the end of the day on Thursday, for sure by the end of the weekend. It’s still not where I wanted it to be. The second half needs a lot of work, but I think once this draft is done, the worst of it is over, and then it is the fine-tuning and adding the finesse. I want it done by the end of April. So yes, some success, but there have been some struggles. Some of those struggles I’ve shared with you. It is with these kinds of struggles that I have to revisit my goals, revise them as needed, make the changes I am in control of, and carry on.

What goals did you set for yourself at the beginning of January? How close are you to achieving them? What is working for you? What are you struggling with?

5 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I had hoped to be finished all my training and looking for a job by now, but that would mean quitting my job to train and that’s not just scary, it would be irresponsible. But I’m making progress and got started on formal IFR training. Now I just need to get the IFR written test done and I’ll be ready to go full speed ahead. But I’m still shaken by having failed one section of the commercial written, and a bit scared of going in unprepared. 🙁

    1. Hey Lindsay, Be proud of the progress you’ve made. I’ve been watching you work toward this goal for a couple of years now. Remember when you took me up in the plane? It was pretty early on, you were still practicing your stalls. You’ve come a long way since then, in what I see as a short amount of time. It isn’t easy to do when you have to work at the day job. I think I know you well enough to know that while the one failed section has shaken you, you’re going to work even harder so it doesn’t happen again. Remember the great support system you have around you, especially Nathan, and me!

      1. I definitely am proud. I suspect I’ve gotten farther in this than a lot of people (family) thought I would get. Just as scary though, is how close I’m getting to the end of training, and the point where I start looking for a job and starting a new life. As much as I want it, it’s still terrifying 😛 But then, I always say fear is a terrible reason not to do something!

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