The Inevitability of Change

Change is inevitable

One of the first principles of coaching is that change is inevitable. Change can be painful, it can be challenging, and it can be refreshing. Without change, there can be no growth.

Often we fear the word change, because it suggests the unknown. Far too often we would rather stay with what is familiar, than move on to something we know nothing about, assuming some kind of danger lurks around the corner. Without change, we remain in the rut we are in, unhappy, unfulfilled.

Look a the list you made last week, of how much writing you’re actually doing, compared to what you’d like to be doing? What did you say needed to change in your life to make that happen?

The first thing that needs to change, is our mindset. We need to accept that change is necessary for our goals to be met. When you are ready, when you accept this mindset, then you are ready to move on, to grow, and to achieve.

Once you’ve accepted that change is necessary, then you will be more open to determining what changes need to be made. You will recognize what activities need to be dropped or reduced, what you can delegate to others, and how you will alter your work-space.

Recognize that in acknowledging that things need to change, this will not always be an easy road. There will be times along the way when sacrifices are made that will affect you, and potentially cause some discomfort with family and friends, especially should you decide to spend less time with them. There will be times when you would rather stay for that extra beer, or watch the game, fall back into the same routine you have now because it is easier, and familiar. But will it get you to where you want to go?

Rather than seeing these changes as all sacrifice and doom and gloom, look forward to them. See them as finally the chance to work on what you want to do. See them as necessary self-care, putting yourself and your goals first. See them as stepping into who you are meant to be, into that better life you want, finding that happiness and fulfillment you want.

When you take care of yourself, put yourself first for a little bit each day, you will be happier. When you are happier, you will be more willing to interact with family and friends, you will be better equipped to take care of their needs.

What is holding you back from accepting change? What can you do to accept change? Join in the conversation!

2 thoughts on “The Inevitability of Change

  1. I start with small changes. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier. Then I move on to the big changes…new puppy. For writing, it’s the same; if it’s not working, I start by changing something small. I write at a different time of day. I change one character. If that doesn’t work, I move on and change the setting. Rewrite the story. So far it seems to be working!

    1. Excellent. It is so important to find out what works best for you. Everyone is different, but so are our own situations. One time it might be the chagarcter that needs to be changed, another time it might be the time of day you write! Keep at it Holly! I look forward to celebrating with you when the first draft is done!

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