The Satisfaction Equation

The International Coach Federation shared an interesting article on Twitter the other day titled “Do you Need a Career Coach?” The article focuses on the story of Tami Hausman who reached a cross-roads in her career. She enjoyed her work bur felt that she was at a dead-end. She hired a Career Coach and soon had a successful plan to expand and branch out and start her own business.

Are you feeling the same way? Are you enjoying your work but feeling stuck in the company you’re with? Are you being denied the promotion you deserve and need? Do you want to make a total career shift? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, what will it take to move you out of the rut you’re in right now, and into the career you want?

Consider the Satisfaction Equation, or the Formula for Change:

D x V x FS > RC

D is the experienced dissatisfaction with the current state/situation,

V is a vision of a desired future state, of what is possible;

FS is the clarity and feasibility of the first steps toward that vision.

The product of all three must be greater than the current resistance to change (RC). This formula comes from Richard Beckhard’s work with organizational change.

Envision the future you want. Maybe you already spend most of your time day-dreaming of the career you want. Is it really that far out of your reach? What is stopping you from pursuing this career change? Money? Family? Responsibilities? What if these were no longer an obstacle to you making a change? You don’t have to win the lottery to make that happen.If you’re ready to make that change, contact me and we’ll set up a free coaching session to explore your options for the future you want.

I am here to empower you to have the career you want!

What will it take to move you out of the rut you’re in right now, and into the career you want?

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